Skulls In Love

Skulls In Love Polygon

A collection of 10,000 lovely skull characters on the Polygon blockchain. Skulls In Love complies with the ERC721 standard, so they are all as unique as we are. Most of the characters are still hidden. Mint them and bring them out to the world!

Why are the Skulls In Love characters skeleton? Are they undead monsters?

No. They are human beings, and they are us. We are all equally skulls once we have peeled our faces. They say, "It is ridiculous to discriminate against others by skin color and appearance."

Skulls In Love NFTs


The Skulls In Love NFTs need you to mint. The 10,000 characters will finally appear in marketplaces such as OpenSea and NFTKEY after being minted. Polygon's gas fees are soooo cheap that you don't have to worry about it at all! Enjoy what kind of character will appear after minting!

? / 10000

10 MATIC per 1 NFT

(excluding gas fees)

  • Please make sure you are connected to the correct address and the correct network (Polygon Mainnet) before purchasing. The operation cannot be undone after purchase.
  • We have set the gas limit to 285000 to successfully mint your NFT. We recommend that you do not lower the gas limit.
  • Please read Terms before minting.

Do you have any questions about the Polygon network or MATIC? See the FAQ section below.



A portion of the proceeds from minting will be donated to Japanese schools and educational organizations. The donations will be used to run existing schools and to establish new schools.

Why we want to donate for Japanese education:

In fact, the education system in Japan has hardly improved since the end of the war, and is far behind in the world. In addition, the number of suicides due to bullying in schools is increasing year by year. Traditional Japanese schools are nothing more than boring prisons.

However, there are several wonderful schools in Japan that try to improve those problems. Nevertheless, their tuition fees are low because they do not pursue profits. Therefore, it is also true that they are struggling with financial difficulties. We hope they continue to grow and that there will be more and more wonderful schools like them.