Skulls in Love

A collection of 10,000 lovely skull characters on the Ethereum blockchain. They are all as unique as we are.

Why are the Skulls in Love characters skeleton? Are they undead monsters?

No. They are human beings, and they are us. We are all equally skulls once we have peeled our faces. They say, "It is ridiculous to discriminate against others by skin color and appearance."

SiL #12SiL #68SiL #73SiL #76SiL #90SiL #104SiL #116SiL #135SiL #143SiL #147


The Skulls in Love NFTs need you to mint. The 10,000 characters will finally appear in marketplaces such as OpenSea after being minted. Enjoy what kind of character will appear after minting!

Skulls in Love uses the ERC721A standard, which saves significant gas fees for minting. It's amazing that you can mint multiple NFTs at about the same cost as minting a single NFT. Thanks to the Azuki team!

  • Please make sure you are connected to the correct address and the correct network (Ethereum Mainnet) before purchasing. The operation cannot be undone after purchase.
  • Please read Terms before minting.


Future plans

Love Coin

Love Coin (LOVE: ERC-20 Token Standard) can be used in our future projects and will also serve as a "governance token" in the DAO. You will be able to earn LOVE by "staking" your own Skulls in Love NFTs. The more SiL NFTs you stake, the more LOVE you can earn.


Once the Skulls in Love collection is sold out, a DAO wallet will be created and a portion of the minting sales will be funded.


A portion of the proceeds from minting will be donated to Japanese schools and educational organizations. The donations will be used to run existing schools and to establish new schools.